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Auto-Fill Delivery

With the Auto-Fill Delivery Plan you’ll never worry about keeping track of the amount of propane remaining in your tank – this means no running out of gas in the middle of baking those holiday pies or running out in cold temperatures to check how much propane is remaining in your tank. Your deliveries arrive on a regular schedule, no need to call in. Please call to convert your account to Auto-Fill.

Budget Pay

Clark Gas customers enjoy level payments throughout the year – no more spiking propane bills that play havoc with your monthly budget. We simply look at your total estimated usage for a winter season and split the cost into 11 easy, monthly payments. In the 12th month, we’ll review your account and issue a credit or final invoice based on your actual use for the winter. Your bill won’t fluctuate so there will be no surprises.

Pre-Buy Plan

Take advantage of the freedom to purchase your winter propane supply during the spring and summer months when prices are typically lower. Beginning in April, and throughout the summer months, you have the opportunity to purchase propane in advance and save money. Call the Clark Gas Co. location nearest you for more information.

Online Payment

You now have the option to pay your Clark Gas Co. bill the fast, convenient way – online! Save time and money by paying your propane bill online. Click the “Make A Payment” link at the upper right of the screen to use our online payment option.

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