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Kramer's Best Dealer Program: 

Who can become a dealer for "Kramer's Best" Products?

The only requirement to become a Kramer's Best dealer is that you must be a bona fide reseller and have a valid sales tax license in your state. When you furnish the required tax information and meet minimum purchase requirements you are entitled to all dealer pricing and benefits.

What is the wholesale cost?
Basic wholesale cost is 50% of the suggested retail price. Additional discounts for large volume purchases are available.

What quantities do I have to purchase?
The minimum quantity each time you order is 24 of any one product in any one size (usually this is the 8-ounce size of Antique Improver). Any quantities of other sizes and products may be purchased at the same time at the same discount; you do not have to purchase in full cases.

How much are shipping charges?
Shipping and handling is 10% of the total amount of the order. You can save the shipping if you pick up your order at John's workshop (by appointment only).

How are orders shipped?
All shipping is by UPS. Antique Improver and Blemish Clarifier are flammable and must ship via ORMD classification and can go ground only; no air shipments. Orders received before noon on weekdays are shipped that same day. Orders received later in the day or on weekends are shipped the next working day.

What are payment terms?
Terms are delivery on payment. We do not do any billing and do not ship COD. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, check or money order. You can place your order on our web site or by mail, phone or Fax.

Do I have to buy the Instruction Books?
We are very proud of our book of "Instructions and Suggested Uses". We feel that the amount and quality of information we furnish to the consumer is unique. We provide, at no charge, one book for every bottle of Kramer's Best product which you purchase from us. You may purchase additional copies. We also furnish the salmon-colored "What is Antique Improver" fliers. One hundred of these fliers are automatically included with your first order and are available by request with future orders; additional quantities of these may also be purchased. 

What about display materials?
With your first order you will receive a packet of materials which includes an 11" x 17" display card designed to be placed behind the bottles in your display. It can be fastened to a wall or the back of your display, or by attaching the easel back, which is also included, it can be made free standing (see sketch on page 2). There are also 2 other smaller counter cards. (Also included with the new dealer materials are a bumper sticker, price sheet, order form, and previous copies of the Dealer Newsletter which we publish. You will be on the mailing list to receive future copies of the newsletter.)

Are there any restrictions on where I can sell the products?
No. Once you purchase the products from us you are free to offer them for sale whenever or wherever you choose.

Will I have a protected territory where I am the only Kramer's dealer?
We are open to discussion about protected territories based on the purchase of very large quantities. However, for routine local availability we have found that having the product available in limited locations is not good for sales. It benefits everyone to have the product available in as many locations as possible. Shoppers become more familiar with it the more they see it. Familiarity builds confidence and confidence builds sales. The more retail locations in an area, the better sales are for everyone.

There is a place for a name stamp on the fliers. 
How will this be to my benefit?

Your name in this allotted space on the "What Is Antique Improver" fliers will help bring you that repeat business we are all looking for.  Stamp your name, address, phone - whatever will help your customer find you again. Have the fliers available for interested customers to pick up - also include one with each purchase.  After visiting many shops, customers can easily forget where they picked up their bottle. You want to be sure they come back to you when they need more. Occasionally a visitor to your location, or a tourist passing through, will purchase some Kramer's Best, and then, when they get home and try it, want more. Or they may just see the product but not be able to take it with them at that time, but pick up one of the fliers. They will use the form later to mail order. In order for you to get credit for this, we watch for this identifying imprint and any time we receive an order on a form with your name, WE WILL CREDIT YOUR BUYING ACCOUNT WITH 20% OF THE PURCHASE. We will send you a "Credit Voucher" showing information about the sale and the amount of credit which you can deduct from your next order. Actually, this does not happen often; most times it helps to send the customers back to you, but we watch for these because we want to be sure our dealers are rewarded for their efforts whenever possible.

Our shop is small and we don't handle much furniture, would we sell enough Improver to make it worthwhile?
If your shop is small, that probably means you have a chance to visit with your customers. And whether or not you have furniture in your shop, your customers have furniture and other wood in their homes which they want to care for. If you keep a few bottles of Improver sitting by the check-out counter, and a sample piece partly treated with the product, you can easily get a conversation started which many times leads to a sale. And a sale can lead to a repeat sale which brings the customer back to your shop and maybe they tell a friend, which brings a new customer. And, of course, each visit to your shop provides the opportunity to sell them something else.

I know I want to carry the 8-ounce bottles of Antique Improver
but what about the other products and sizes?

You may want to stock only the small bottles of Improver, many of our dealers do. Or you may want to carry one or both of the other products and offer all sizes. This is a decision you will have to make, based on your particular circumstances and method of sale. Blemish Clarifier and Wood Food Oyl are exceptional products, but they are more specialized (for complete information on these products see the last two pages in the book of "Instructions and Suggested Uses"). You will not sell as much of these as you do of the Improver, but they do fill a definite need and once customers get started with the Improver, and see how great it is, they will come back to see what else is available. You might want to start with just few bottles of each and see how it goes. What sizes you offer is also dependent on your space and circumstance. We find that even 2 or 3 of the quart size of Antique Improver included in your display is of great benefit. For the customer it then becomes a decision of: "which size to buy" instead of "to buy, or not to buy". The most important thing to remember in building your display or presentation, is that the more noticeable it is, the better sales will be. And the more product shown, the more noticeable your display will be.

I plan to sell Antique Improver at shows. 
What kind of sales can I expect?

It totally depends on you. If you have only a few bottles in a back corner of your booth, you may not sell any. If you have a larger display in a more prominent location, you could sell a dozen or two. If you devote a major space in your booth to the display and take time to talk to people, showing samples and demonstrating how the product works, you could sell several hundred dollars worth. The most important factor is you, and how hard you work to sell.

I have a booth in a mall. Would I be able to sell  Antique Improver  
if I'm not there to talk to the customers?

Definitely. We have very good sales in many malls. Sales are dependent on the effectiveness of the display and the amount of traffic through the mall. "Before/after" samples are a must; pieces where only part is treated with Improver (or the other products) and the rest left in its original condition. Notes or signs telling what was done to the piece, how the product was applied, or ways you have used it, are all helpful. We also have available a video, consisting of 3 minute repeating segments, in which John describes the products and their uses. In a high-traffic location you will find that this greatly increases sales. If you decide to devote a video machine to this purpose, we will furnish the tape at no charge. Whatever display techniques you decide to use; some we have mentioned, or something we haven't even thought of; the most important thing to keep in mind is that the display must first draw attention. Then, once you have gotten the customer's attention, what is shown in the display must convince them that this is a product they want to buy. Once you can get the customers to try it, you can be sure they will be back for more, and they will also send their friends.

Can I make extra profits by signing up other people as dealers?
We do not participate in any type of multilevel marketing or pyramid schemes. We sell through one level of dealers only. No hierarchy of distributorships and management takes most of your money. However, we do want to encourage you to talk to other dealers about the products and about our dealership program. As an incentive, after you become a dealer, if you refer someone to us who then becomes a Kramer's Best dealer, you will receive 12 FREE 8-OUNCE BOTTLES of Antique Improver, and we pay shipping. Just be sure that they let us know you referred them, or better yet, you notify us, so we can be sure you get credit.

I don't have a shop and I don't do shows; I just think 
Antique Improver is a great product and I would like to get involved. 
Do you have any suggestions?

We have dealers who have started out just like you. Some sell only to friends. Others have moved on to bigger things. Ways to sell the products are limitless. To name a few: a lady who does upholstery uses the product on exposed wood trim, then explains its use to happy customers, usually selling a bottle, or maybe giving a complementary bottle with a large project; a woodworker uses Improver as the final finish on custom-made pieces and includes a bottle with the purchase; a gunsmith who uses it to restore the metal and wood of old guns and also sells it at gun shows. Or you might want to set up and service displays. Many antique malls are open to discussion about small spaces you can rent reasonably and display the products - to the mall's benefit as much as your own. Once you have the product on hand, if you are enthused about it, you will find what works best for you.

Can I do Mail Order with the products?
As mentioned before, once you have purchased from us, you may choose your methods of sale. If you decide to try mail order, you must be aware that since Antique Improver and Blemish Clarifier are flammable materials, all shipping must be done per current ORMD requirements. The Post Office allows small shipments if their codes are followed, but we have determined UPS to be the preferable shipper. Contact their representatives who will help you apply for the necessary shipper number, furnish information about packaging requirements, and supply shipping forms, etc.

I realize I need to know as much as possible about the products 
in order to sell them effectively. What is the best way to learn?

The book of "Instructions and Suggested Uses" is very complete. We worked long and hard to include as much information as possible in limited space. Read it thoroughly. Use the techniques explained, then read it again. Refer to it often. We also publish a "Dealer Newsletter" which contains helpful information. As a new dealer you will receive previous issues and be on the mailing list for future editions. We try to furnish as much information as possible, but probably the best tool for learning about the products is to use them often. We can tell you many things the products can do, but we often hear from customers about uses we hadn't even thought of. And, always remember, if you, or your customers have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We want the products to be used to greatest benefit and are anxious to help whenever possible.

Can customers find me when looking for Antique Improver in my area?
When you become a dealer, we will ask you to fill out a "Retail Location Information Sheet". On it you will list information about any location where you have the products available, which products and sizes are available, and a little information about the location, hours of operation, address, phone, etc. We keep this information in a computer database and refer to it when we get an inquiry about a retail location. (And we frequently get this type of call.)

Wouldn't plastic bottles be better? 
I am concerned about breakage of the glass.

The product is best kept pure in glass. Antique Improver and Blemish Clarifier interact with any other packaging material, affecting the product and limiting shelf life, With glass we get indefinite shelf life and the added benefit of a container which is recyclable and does not pollute the environment. We use the strongest glass bottles available and have had no problems in normal use or shipping.

What about environmental hazards? Are these products 
"earth friendly"?

Definitely. We use only ingredients that are totally renewable and compatible with the earth mostly plant products no petrochemicals or highly-processed materials. We package in paper and use no plastic "popcorn" or other synthetic fillers. (Our shredded "junk mail" and newspapers make great packing material.) We are committed to doing whatever we can to preserve our planet.



It Works!

If you USE Antique Improver,
you can't help but talk about 
Antique Improver.

If you TALK about Antique Improver
you will sell Antique Improver.

If you SELL Antique Improver ,
customers come back for more (and you get another 
chance to sell them something else).

They then tell their friends who come to
buy Antique Improver and often leave with much more, to return yet again . . .

It all starts with USING Antique Improver.

The success of our top dealers is because they . . .

USE the product . . . TALK ABOUT the product . . . and SELL the product.


A Message from John Kramer...
I offer an exceptional product . . . it works better than anything else that is available. Once  customers begin using it they won't use anything else.  But, first they must be introduced to the product.
     Dealers are necessary to my success. I am building a base of knowledgeable dealers and will continue to support them with a quality, traditional product that really does make a difference — for the better.  It is a product dealers can sell with pride and confidence. It provides the dealer with a product that steadily brings in new business with a growing network of word-of-mouth advertising: the most profitable kind.
     I have no time for business shenanigans or subtle maneuvering. I like everything to be in everyone's personal best interests: mine, my dealers, the customers, and the priceless heritage the product preserves. I believe fair treatment breeds loyalty, loyalty builds trust, and trust builds friendships and businesses of longevity and good profits.
     I am looking forward to a long and profitable relationship for us all, earning honorable profits in noble pursuit of a worthwhile purpose . . . preserving the past.



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